Book Clubs

Author’s discussion questions for book clubs

  • 1

    The Phoenix Police Department and the Villalobos cartel are paramilitary organizations on opposite sides of the law. How are they similar?

  • 2

    Detective Cruz’s mother hides a huge secret from her daughter that could possibly jeopardize her. Why would a loving mother withhold such important information?

  • 3

    Did you find yourself craving Mexican food and/or margaritas while reading this book?

  • 4

    What makes this story unique to an urban desert environment? Could it be moved to another venue?

  • 5

    Why is it important for those in law enforcement to hold themselves to a higher standard? Is this truly possible, or is it an illusion?

  • 6

    How do different cultures celebrate the coming of age? When do you consider a child to be an adult?

  • 7

    What are your thoughts about the immigrant experience in the U.S.?

  • 8

    Were there parts of the story that challenged you? Why?